Kenneth, Commercial Pilot, practicing his newly acquired VR/Long line skills

Volo Mission (formerly LA Helicopters) are not like the fast food menus! You get what the picture looks like and then some.

Retired from the Army with 3500 hrs (most in the trees not hovering at 100-200 ft) and ZERO longline. The course; challenging to say the least. Day one is like day one of flight school and you are asking yourself "how does he do that", to the last day saying, with confidence. "I can do that". IP’s-Instructor Pilots/ground crew are very down to earth and professional.

Customer service is outstanding! I think I sent correspondence for at least a year with various longline questions before finally attending the course in 2014. They are prompt in getting back to you and willing to assist any way they can. (In my case helping to develop a Part133 program for our company).

Thanks again to the team at Volo Mission

Michael Randolph Airline Transport Pilot – Rotorcraft Lockheed Martin Chief Engineer for the MH-60S

Vertical reference/long line flying is HARD!

It is harder if you don’t know what you’re doing!

It’s impossible if you don’t know that you don’t know what you’re doing!

But, it is possible to correct that, by learning from subject matter experts who literally rubbed elbows with the inventors of the craft - and you will find them at Volo Mission. Bring your helicopter pilot license and a sincere desire to learn, check your flight resume and ego at the door, and be prepared to eat a lot of humble pie. If you can do that, and hang in there, you will leave with a solid knowledge and skill foundation that will enable you to become a successful, professional long line/vertical reference pilot.

Esteban Zimic / Ricardo Valle

I want to thank the professionalism, patience and dedication put into our instruction for helicopter long-line (vertical reference). You have a course to train pilots very well made with different types of loads and different places to Pick up and leave loads, confined places, hilly etc.

Also prepared places to practice landings on the flight position with vertical reference are perfect, we really are very satisfied and grateful for the excellent instruction.

Quiero agradecerles el profesionalismo paciencia y dedicación puesta en nuestra instrucción para el vuelo en helicóptero con línea larga (referencia vertical).

Tienen un curso para entrenar pilotos muy bien elaborado con diferentes tipos de cargas y a su vez diferentes sitios donde izar y dejar las cargas, sitios confinados, relieve accidentado etc. Así mismo los lugares preparados para la práctica de aterrizajes en la posición del vuelo con referencia vertical son perfectos, realmente nos encontramos muy satisfechos y agradecidos por la excelente instrucción, en adelante sólo queda practicar para no perder lo aprendido