______  In keeping with our beliefs and values, the equipment we have chosen to use for the Volo Mission Training Program was selected for three important reasons; safety, innovation, and skill development.

Our Helicopter

Some pilots may have reservations about completing their external-load training in a Robinson R44 however, there should be no cause for this hesitation. First, we have selected the Robinson R44 because the helicopter is sensitive to flight control inputs allowing pilots to hone in their skill. Second, the R44 permits easy access to line and hook making quick transitions between exercises. Not only does this eliminate any down time that could be used for training, it makes it more efficient. Lastly, The helicopter is small and agile enough to gain full view of surroundings, line, ground crew, etc., which ultimately enhances the learning experience.

Once pilots have gotten over their initial hesitation, they generally come to the same understanding and agreement of why this particular helicopter is ideal for training and honing in on skills.

Our Long Lines and Nets

Our instructor pilots have been using Barry Cordage lines for several years, both in the training realm as well as long line missions. Like Volo Mission, Barry Cordage Ltd. focuses on safety and innovation. Barry longlines “are synthetic lines made with Dyneema® fiber or Technora® fiber” and “have a minimum of 7:1 safety factor.” In addition, “each longline is issued with a certificate of compliance (complies with U.S. DOI ARA synthetic rope long line requirements for ½” diameter or larger). “

Equipment We Use pic

Our Hook

Onboard Systems has been making cargo hooks since 1975. Their innovative cargo hooks and according to Onboard, their hooks “are computer designed to incorporate revolutionary safety features and user-friendly functionality. All of our products are precision-manufactured in the United States according to strict Aerospace AS9100 quality assurance standards and vigorously tested.”

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